Counseling Services in West Seattle

Serving Sodo, Georgetown, South Park, Burien, Vashon and all of South Seattle

The first and most important step in counseling is finding a therapist who is a "good fit" for you. Read about Practice therapists, Patti F. Boyle and Thomas Auflick, then feel free to call, text,or email to schedule an appointment or ask questions. 


Individual Therapy

Sit down and speak one-to-one with a trained therapist at a time reserved for you.
The therapy process involves exploring your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, in a safe, confidential, and comfortable environment. Therapy can also help you to work through challenges, influential memories and assist you with identifying and understanding significant aspects about yourself and others. Therapy can help you discover changes you would like to make to your life and yourself, and with the support of your therapist you can find greater strength in making these adjustments.


Traditional Couple Counseling

Traditional couple counseling involves you and your partner sitting down to speak one-to-one with a trained couple's counselor.
The counseling process allows for both partners to express their concerns and emotions in a safe and confidential environment. A couple's counselor can help you identify behavioral patterns, thoughts, beliefs, significant aspects of personal histories, and deep emotions and feelings. Deeper understanding about one's own self and your contribution to the relationship often surface. The goal of the counseling process is to give couples the opportunity to make deep and lasting changes toward the creation of a more fulfilling relationship.