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Patti F. Boyle MA, LMHC

I specialize in relationship counseling, and with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, and life transitions. Many of my clients talk of situations that include family members, job or school issues, having a child, moving, or losing a loved one. Often, I hear "I just don't know what to do". 

As a counselor, I have worked with adult individuals, couples, and psychotherapy groups. I consider myself an existential-integrative therapist, which means my counseling approach and professional beliefs about effective therapy are based on existential principles. What this means is I believe hardship is unavoidable. It doesn’t matter who you, what you do, or your station in life, every human being will experience adversity and personal pain. Yet, each of us is gifted with the ability to expand self-awareness, move beyond flawed patterns of living, and develop deep and meaningful insights that move us toward making the best choices and creating our own authentic way of being. In therapy you will find your strength and resilience, automatic thoughts that keep you trapped, emotions that nourish or scare you, and the courage to accept yourself and make change. To help you, I tailor therapy for each individual and borrow from various counseling theories and techniques, including strength-based therapies, cognitive-behavioral, Gestalt, Adlerian,  Bowenian Family Systems, and attachment-based exploration.

For couples in therapy, my approach continues with existential themes in relationship, and to this I bring Emotionally-Focused Therapy, which helps foster emotional insight, expression and communication, and building new ways of interacting and emotionally connecting. I also include a cognitive approach to couple counseling, which includes John Gottman’s research and methods. Since beginning private practice, I have worked with many couples and understand counseling can be tough, but I also know relationships affect every aspect of our life and paying attention to improving and repairing them is a wise investment.

I was awarded a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University, am qualified as a National Certified Counselor, am a certified Washington state licensed mental health counselor, and have specialized training in  Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples.  Prior to pursuing a career in counseling, I worked as a public high school teacher in programs for at-risk youth, tutored college students in writing at South Seattle College, and worked long and hard as a mother and domestic engineer. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Art, with minors in psychology and anthropology.



Thomas Auflick MA, LMHC

  • Individual Adult Counseling
  • Marriage, Couples and Family Therapy
  • Vocational Counseling, Employment Marketing


I want to help you find relief from symptoms that create stagnation and disconnection from living a healthy life. Let's find a way to your highest potential through giving you greater perspective on the complexity of your life. When you clear out the obstacles of pain, anxiety, stress and depression, a new path to fulfillment and happiness can be found. 


My work with couples strives to learn how they can operate at their highest level to find greater satisfaction, meaning, and closeness. I look for ways of helping you and your partner establish strong and lasting attachments with one another. Through evidenced based research on how successful couples operate, you can learn how to live in a relationship with greater trust and commitment. Understanding your partner with compassion and empathy will allow you to create a relationship that brings substance and satisfaction. 

Vocational Counseling:

I can help you address matters of career to find harmony in your role and place of work. 

Career transitions and development are areas I have served the pubic for many years. I have experience consulting individuals on major career changes, providing labor market analysis for viewing trends, and assessment of individual skills and abilities to provide direction in finding greater career satisfaction. As a vocational counselor, I can provide an assessment of interests and passions that lead to individual growth. If you know what you want in your career, I can provide consultation on securing employment through resume analysis and creation, building individual marketing plans, refining presentation skills, and showing you how to get better results in negotiations for salary and benefits. 

Theoretical Orientation: 

I draw from many theoretical approaches for interventions that treat trauma, anxiety, depression and the search for Self. I use interventions that draw from Somatic Experience, Individual Family Systems, Existential, Internalized Oppression, Mindfulness, Gestalt, and Psychosynthesis. I always take a Person Centered approach to therapy as the core of my practice. My primary strategies are empathy, positive regard, and connection. I look for balance in the whole person to seek stability in body, mind, emotion and spirit. The idea is to find what works for you, not to force a theoretical approach to work for you.

My experience in relationship counseling has given me the privilege to work for the Gottman Institute. I use their research to guide and educate my couples. John Gottman provides evidenced based research to help people understand how successful couples operate. I will provide you with the knowledge for constructing a healthy relationship with your intimate partner. Let’s build a relationship that brings you deeper connection and satisfaction.