The Story of Practice

PRACTICE is a counseling service in West Seattle for couples and individuals. Practice was launched by Thomas Auflick and Patti F. Boyle to bring quality individual counseling and couple counseling to the southwest side of the Seattle metro area.

Both Tom and Patti have called West Seattle "home" for years, but they did not know one another until 2009 when they met at Antioch University. While working on their graduate degrees in Psychology and Counseling, they found themselves collaborating on research projects and presentations, and, toward the end of their program, worked together as counseling interns and discovered a professional relationship through side-by-side work in psychotherapy groups. Their work as interns would build a bond of trust and respect, as well as mutual appreciation for each other's professional acumen and individual therapeutic style. Together they learned they could rely on one another for professional consultation and advice, and best of all, through jokes and laughter, they created a truly enjoyable friendship.

In March of 2014, Patti and Tom launched PRACTICE, a small, private counseling service where individuals and couples could seek quality counseling without having to travel into the fray of the urban center of Seattle. After opening their doors on Harbor Avenue Southwest, their practice grew steadily, prompting a move to a more centralized area near the Alaska street junction. Clients often walk to their appointments, and when they drive, parking is easy and always free.


Like their growing practice, Tom and Patti continue to cultivate their own counseling skills through experience, post-graduate workshops and individual coursework. Tom is currently practicing the Gottman-method for couples, and is working toward certification as a Gottman therapist.  Patti is traveling to Oregon to learn and become certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples (EFT), and through the EFT process is witnessing deep change in the relationships of the couples she counsels.

As Tom and Patti's work expands to reach more people, it is their hope that their practice becomes an empowering resource for the people in South and West Seattle.

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our mission

At PRACTICE, we are committed to working collaboratively with adult individuals and couples toward overcoming intrapersonal and relational difficulties that have become barriers to feeling, thinking and behaving in ways that promote positive growth and change.
It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.
— Vaclav Havel